Teddy bears for collectors worldwide

Welcome! At MMCBears I make musical and miniature teddy bears for teddy bear lovers and collectors worldwide.

All of my teddy bears are “Limited editions of ONE” and my trade mark is “A Rose” behind the right ear.

The teddy bears are made out of a variety of furs; from Mohair and Schultz furs to Pure Lambs Wool and Cashmere. Each fur is chosen for its density (except the cashmere for the Tiny Teds) as this enables me to cut and sculpt their features, adding to their individuality. Each teddy bear is named and has a catalogue number.

So browse and read about each individual teddy bear – Happy Browsing!

Remember all these Teddy Bears Love a good home and will travel and don’t need permIts or visas.  In fact they will fly to anywhere in the world from New Zealand to Australia, Japan, USA, United Kingdom or Europe. In fact they will go where ever you are – they will join you!